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Not just Europe, the world increasingly is growing together. These days not anymore just major companies extend their activities to the international level, also small and medium firms sell their products and services over borders, engage in international joint ventures or found branches, or even subsidiary companies, abroad; not to mention the broad area of internet activities and e-commerce. But also conduct of private life less and less confines itself to the home country. Tourism, frontier-crossing partnerships and marriages, not least internet and e-commerce get also private individuals and consumers more and more into contact with foreign jurisdictions and related issues.

Therefore law-firm Graupner has established a network of colleagues in Europe and overseas to be able to comprehensively and effectively service its clients also in briefs, consultations, or proceedings with an international connection. Thereby the firm does not provide standardized solutions but elaborates individual strategies corresponding to the special wishes and needs of each client and encompassing not only theoretical aspects but also practical aspects of realization.

The firm cooperates with law-offices in the following cities:

Amsterdam - Berlin - Bogotá - Genf - Jerusalem - Kapstadt
London - Paris - Prag - Stockholm - Sydney - Toronto - Vancouver

„There is next to nothing just or unjust whose attribute does not change with the change of climate. Three latitudes nearer or more far from the pole and the whole jurisprudence turns over. One meridian settles on justice and some latitudes on possession. Funny justice which is limited by a river or a mountain-range! What is truth on this side of the Pyrenees is considered an error on the other side, and the other way round“

Blaise Pascal

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