„The noblest obligation for an attorney-at-law is loyalty to his client“

Guidelines for Practicing Attorney-at-Law (Art.10)

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Austrian attorneys-at-law do counsel, represent and support in all areas of law. Among all legal advisory professions they enjoy the most comprehensive power of representation. Their license extends to representation before all courts and authorities of the Republic of Austria and encompasses the power to professionally represent clients in all issues, no matter if in- or outside of court, private or public.

Since attorneys belong to a free and independent profession they are able in case to act for their clients also versus state and other powerful institutions. As no other profession the attorney-at-law is exclusively indebted to the interests of his clients.

The attorney-at-law either advises, as for instance in drawing up contracts or wills, or he represents his client versus courts, authorities, individuals and other institutions. His experience in litigation enables him above all also to prevent conflicts. His exceptionally sophisticated education guaranties high level expertise and professional experience.

Services provided by law-firm Graupner do cover all areas of law whereby main points of interest are:
  • industrial and social security law,
  • marriage- and family-law,
  • law of succession,
  • law of the European Union,
  • immigration- and asylum-law,
  • company-law,
  • formation of companies,
  • real-estate-law,
  • international law,
  • consumer protection,
  • media-law,
  • housing-law,
  • traveling-law,
  • law of compensation and warranty,
  • criminal law,
  • law of associations,
  • constitutional law,
  • human rights law,
  • administrative law,
  • law of freehold flats.
Personal and individual care for each client is the prime task of the firm. It corresponds in German and English.

„If a wolf asked a shepherd to chain the repugnant and rude sheep dog, everyone would know the meaning of such an utterance. But one not always seems to realize what it means when at time judges and the powerful do inveigh against the uselessness and rottenness of the bar“

Anselm von Feuerbach

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